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How to use

There are two public computers at Jigsaw that anyone is free to use. The left screen / keyboard / mouse is an Ubuntu machine.
The right screen / keyboard / mouse is a Windows XP computer.
Both are currently useable, simply press the power button if the screen is blank. The Ubuntu machine is a Dell, the windows machine is a Shuttle.
The power buttons maybe hard to reach. The Ubuntu machine is to the left of the desk, on the floor, with the power button facing into the room.
The Shuttle Windows machine is a white, squat, case whose power button is under the electronics bench to the left and on the bottom shelf of the black rack.


At the login prompt just click the Guest account. There is no password to login to the guest account.

Windows XP

No login required, the machine will automatically log you in when it finishes booting.


The internet connection is provided by a DSL account private to Jigsaw. For wireless access, join the network with the name Jigsaw2 The password is posted on the green donation box in the space. You might want to make a donation to help cover the expense of the internet account.

For wired connections, there are two network cables on the top shelf of the computer rack or electronics work bench. In the class room area, wired connections can be found on the wall. There is a tote bin full of network cables.

The wireless router should be able to handle a large number of simultaneous connections (at least 100) but if large numbers of people are holding a hackerthon you should be aware that the network speeds are relatively slow (about 6MBit/s).

When the network dies

Occasionally the DSL modem needs to be rebooted. There is a sign above the computer desk with instructions on how to do this.

DO NOT SCREW AROUND WITH ANY OF THE OTHER NETWORKING GEAR. If you think you have an improvement to make, email the curator and check before moving wires, restoring setting on routers or making changes to the operating systems.



The curator will try to ensure that the equipment is working and paper and ink supplies are available. If something is missing or borked, email the curator.


None of the computers, peripherals, printers, or supplies are to leave Jigsaw's space. The supplies are for use by visitors to our space only. If you are using the printers, please use them only for small jobs. The ink and paper is expensive. If you need to do a large print job you should make a donation to Jigsaw via the green donation box. It is better to take large print jobs to professionals like Kinkos or Staples.

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