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Anyone using the space of Jigsaw Renaissance is a participant. While we turn away no one who complies with the Safe Space Agreement, our existence is dependent on dues-paying members. Please do your part.

This agreement can be amended at any time by 100% board consensus (current proposals for changes). This agreement applies to all Members of Jigsaw Renaissance, and completely describes their benefits as well as their responsibilities, as well as the commitments made by Jigsaw Renaissance to the Member. All revisions to this document are stored with this document or amended as an appendix. An email notification will be sent when this document is amended.


Using Space

  1. Upon completion of the building orientation and demonstrating proficiency with the rules and building operational expectations, members can use any public or shared part of Jigsaw Renaissance at any time unless that space has been reserved, observing noise restrictions when applicable.
  2. Every general member is limited to 3 guests who have to be within actual or constructive control of the general member, bearing full responsibility for any of their actions.
  3. All general members are allowed to store perishable food in the refrigerator for one day only. All items should be labeled with the member's name and date placed in refrigerator. All food that is left overnight or is unlabeled will be disposed of, including its container. Violators will be banned from using the community fridge.

Personal Property

  1. Materials, projects, and tools should be put away before leaving Jigsaw Renaissance. Each member has one storage box, which must be labeled and dated. Members are encouraged to bring their own comparable storage box.
  2. Desk members can leave materials and tools in or around their workspace in such a way that they do not interfere with the activities of other members. Jigsaw Renaissance does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to member personal property. Members are encouraged to ensure that their renter's or homeowner's insurance covers their personal property.
  3. All materials must either be labeled {Private use (red dot with your ID); Shared use - Use but return in 24 hours (yellow dot with your ID); Public use - feel free to use it and keep it (green dot)}, or be stored in containers with the appropriate labeling.
  4. Desk members can select their 36sqft (6x6 recommended) personal workspace and identify it as such. While members may share Jigsaw Renaissance furniture, only bringing your own furniture, identifying it as such, and having it within your work area ensures exclusive use.

Facility Management / Security

  1. Keep the doors locked or supervised at all times. I understand that I may not admit anyone to Jigsaw Renaissance who is not my guest.
  2. Restore Jigsaw Renaissance to its default state or the state in which you found it before you leave, whichever is better. This applies to cleaning dishes, garbage removal and general cleanup. $60 will be assessed for every hour of cleanup necessary. Non-payment of the fee will void Jigsaw Renaissance membership.
  3. Permanent improvements and beautification of Jigsaw Renaissance by the members is encouraged. Please receive prior approval from the board for any changes that require financial investment or more than 2 hours of labor to be undone.
  4. Please turn off lights in spaces that are not being utilized and insure that all non-security lights are off if you are the last one to leave the building. Regular violations may result in eventual loss of access privilege.
  5. Open blinds when opening the space for public use. Close all blinds before leaving the space.
  6. Respect all private and shared property. Damaging or misplacing said property will require restitution and may involve other penalties, up to and including criminal prosecution.
  7. Under no circumstances may a keyed member lend their key to any other member or person. However, a keyed member may allow a trusted general member to keep the space open while the keyed member is away from the space for no more than twenty minutes.

Making Reservations / Private Events

  1. If you want to make a reservation, you must contact
  2. The public spaces at Jigsaw Renaissance are available on a first come first serve basis and need to be reserved for group events. Jigsaw Renaissance has the discretion to disallow, change available location, or cancel any event for any reason at any time and is not liable beyond the fees paid to reserve the facility.
  3. The event organizer is required to provide 1 coordinator for every 20 people admitted as guests at the event. Attendees need not be Jigsaw members, but are encouraged to donate towards the space.
  4. Everyone is encouraged to schedule free meetings through the scheduler.
  5. Gatherings held by members which gain a profit (beyond covering materials) must either pay Jigsaw Renaissance 15% or $15, whichever is greater.
  6. Gatherings held by non-members which gain a profit must either pay Jigsaw Renaissance 30% or $40, whichever is greater.

Membership Dues

  1. Supporter Membership: $15 monthly dues, paid to Jigsaw's treasurer, grants you general membership at Jigsaw Renaissance. Terms are month-to-month.
    1. If you encounter financial difficulty and will be unable to pay your dues at any level of membership, contact the Treasurer ( with the specifics of your situation.
  2. Key: 100$ total in monthly dues provides you with a key and 24/7 access to Jigsaw Renaissance (outside of private events). You agree to a quarterly commitment, with each month's dues paid on or before the first of the month.
    1. Jigsaw Renaissance operates on a quarterly calendar. Q1 contains the months of January, February, and March; Q2 contains the months of April, May, and June; Q3 contains the months of July, August, and September; and Q4 contains the months of October, November, and December. If you join in the middle of a quarter, your commitment extends for three months past your join date and is automatically renewed at the beginning of the next quarter for the length of that quarter.
    2. If you want to be a key member for a portion but not all of a quarter, contact the Treasurer with the specifics of when you want to be a member.
  3. Household: Households with two or more keyed members are charged $50 for each keyed membership beyond the first.
  4. Desk: an additional $100 per month in dues (total of $200), provides you with a personal working space at Jigsaw Renaissance. This must be done in conjunction with a Key, and the commitments therein.
  5. Membership period starts on the first day of the month in which it is paid unless other agreements are made with the Treasurer. It can be renewed at any time by mailing a check to Jigsaw Renaissance, 815 Airport Way S., Ste 112, Seattle, WA 98134, or making a PayPal payment to Treasurer.
  6. Scholarships are available to members with financial need.
    1. Scholarships are initially evaluated as proposed, and reevaluated on a quarterly basis by the board of Jigsaw Renaissance.
    2. Members on scholarship must agree to contribute to maintaining or improving Jigsaw Renaissance for a set number of hours per quarter, as determined by the board.
    3. Scholarship may be in part or in full, depending on circumstances and the board evaluation.
    4. A set number or percentage of memberships on scholarship will be determined by the board and shall not be exceeded.
  7. If a member has paid in advance, their credit of dues is tracked by the treasurer. In the event that dues decrease, members with credit will be debited dues at the lower rate.
  8. Dues are due on the first of the month. Jigsaw Renaissance extends a grace period to its members, if a member has failed to pay their dues on or before the last day of the month for which they were due, they will no longer be considered a member in good standing and will lose all benefits of membership.

Other Fees

  1. A Lost Key Fee of 50$ will be assessed to any member that needs their key replaced because their key has been misplaced. If the key is found and returned to Jigsaw Renaissance within one week a refund of 45$ will be issued to the member.
  2. A Bounced Check Fee of 25$ will be charged to any member that pays their dues with a check that bounces when it is deposited. Bounced checks are commonly caused by insufficient funds. If you suspect a check may bounce, contact the treasurer as soon as possible. The treasurer may defer depositing the check at their discretion. If the treasurer has been informed a check may bounce prior to depositing it and it bounces the Bounced Check Fee will be reduced to 7$.

Publicity and Marketing

  1. Members permit Jigsaw Renaissance to profile, photograph, record or write about all Members, their biographies, skills, contributions and activities at Jigsaw Renaissance. Jigsaw Renaissance is free to publish such materials in internal and external materials. While the default mode of operation at Jigsaw Renaissance is public, members may request that specific conversations, activities, or documents remain private by posting or announcing the request for privacy and confidentiality.

I _________________________ (print name) do understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

________________________________________________ date _________________

Member, Jigsaw Renaissance

________________________________________________ date _________________

Director, Jigsaw Renaissance

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